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Backup Data Notebook NEC, dengan selfimage

Posted by kusprayitna on January 5th, 2009

Dalam rangka melakukan format ulang harddisk notebook NEC, maka diperlukan backup harddisk.

Data yang akan dibackup yaitu :

1. Partisi ubuntu hardy --> supaya tidak melakukan install ulang

2. Data dokumen yang berada di windows My Documents

Tahapan yang dilakukan yaitu :

  1. Siapkan external harddisk
  2. Salin semua data di OS Windows folder my documents
  3. Backup pertisi ubuntu.

Untuk melakukan backup partisi linux (format ext2) digunakan selfimage.exe. Aplikasi dapat didownload di http://selfimage.excelcia.org atau langsung download filenya disini.

Selfimage merupakan program freeware yang dapat digunakan untuk melakukan pembacaan ataupun penulisan image baik itu dari partisi NTFS, FAT, LINUX ataupun partisi yang tidak dikenal lainnya. Aplikasi ini juga support kompresi sehingga filenya jadi lebih kecil, terutama lagi partisi yang isinya kosong (free space) bisa di baypass oleh self image.

Features include:

  • Create 1:1 image files of any mounted (or unmounted on Windows 2000/XP) hard disk partition.
  • Can create an image of an entire hard disk, including the master boot record, partition table, and all partitions (Windows 2000/XP)
  • Restore previously created images to any partition, even mounted ones, as long as it doesn't have open files.
  • On-the-fly compression accelerated with parallel CPU support to take advantage of today's hyperthreaded, multi-core and SMP systems.
  • Skip reading a disk's "free space", treating it as if it were zero. This decreases the size of a compressed image and makes it process MUCH faster. NEW Version 1.2.0 can now do this for Linux ext2/ext3 partitions as well.
  • NEW Available as an experimental BartPE plugin for use in boot/rescue CDs. SelfImage is also included on the excellent Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (UBCD4Win).
  • Network Block Device support to make images of disks on remote machines, and restore back to them.
  • Multi-threaded design for maximum throughput and low CPU overhead.
  • It's free software - free as in cost, and free as in open source - released under the GNU General Public License

File backup partisi di salin ke external harddisk :

- nama file ubuntu.img.gz
- ukuran awal partisi 6 GB
- ukuran file backup 2.3 GB

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